Hussarya GT at Autosport Worldwide

Polish carmaker Arrinera has revealed the Hussarya GT at Autosport Worldwide, made to compete in GT4 races inside the uk and Europe.

Only 2 to 3 good examples within the 430bhp GT4 racer will most likely be created the coming year, although a “largely similar” road-going version to homologate the Hussarya GT arrives using the finish of 2016. A really exclusive, greater-finish model, badged Hussarya 33 can also be slated for future production.

A forecasted top speed of 250-260kph (155-162mph) was as stated by Greg Pekala, Boss of Arrinera Racing, obtaining a energy growth and development of 430bhp falling inside the GT4 class rules.

Pekala revealed a cost of £130-140,000 for the Hussarya, even though the model hasn’t yet experienced testing. Pekala needs to determine the automobile within the United kingdom, although by this in early stages he’s puzzled by availability or stability in the testing location.

The car was proven at Autosport Worldwide to attract interest from prospects, and Pekala claims public response to the Arrinera Hussarya GT was encouraging. “It’s been a great reaction, nonetheless the automobile must be proven on the right course to obtain the publicity we wish,In . he pointed out.

Pekala also stressed that success within the vehicle also is dependent upon its qualifications to race inside the specific series, along with the convenience to potential motorists competing driving.

Based on Pekala, the roadgoing Hussarya has been around development more than the racing Arrinera, but entering the car towards the racing series is a faster method of building awareness and publicity.