BMW 7 Series

BMW’s sixth-generation 7 series recently went on sale in the UK. The company, which is known for its luxurious vehicles, went all out and produced a car that raises the bar and redefines what luxury really means. More about BMW cars:

Both the exterior as well as interior received a design update. Brand new dashboard, trims and controls can be found within the vehicle. What truly stands out are the new digital graphics that, depending on the driving mode, light up either white, blue or red. Another great feature that was added are the new front seats, which include massage features and ventilation.BMW Alpina B7

The vehicle’s iDrive system introduces a touchpad and touchscreen functions. This allows you to operate it in a similar style to that of a smartphone. You can now use swipe, pinch and point commands or alternatively use the rotary dial on the car’s centre console.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the car’s automatic parking system that can be controlled using a rechargeable fob. The vehicle is capable of parking itself without the need of a driver. The remote control parking function uses a camera mounted within the windscreen as well as radar sensors to allow forwards and reverse parking manoeuvres using the fob mentioned earlier.

There is no denying that the BMW 7 series is very impressive however the level of luxury that it offers is going to cost you nearly £65,000.


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